1. Highest education level achived(idicate degree): graduation with an academic degree as an architect from the School of Architecture in Copenhagen which is highest degree for architects in Denmark(similar to a marsters degree), Member of the Academic Architect Association in Denmark (M.A.A)
  2. Specialization area: Uraban Design, partuclarely research in public space design and it´s rlation to public life.
  3. Academic institution: Royal Academy or Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  4. Date of degree achievement: February 1972
  5. Present Academic position: senior lecturer at the School or Architecture in Copenhagen and lecture at Denmarks

International Study Program

  1. Post: senior lecturer
  2. Institution: School OF Architecture in Copenhagen and lecturer at Denmarks Intentional Study Program (affiliated with the University in Copenhagen)

Brief account of your academic career, including publications, investigation and teaching activities, etc.
If you had a detailed curriculum vitae it would be obviously better.
Here is the very short version of my curriculum vitae Ican send you an extensive version if ou need it with dates on lectures and types of confernces including papers etc:
Lars Gemzoe is born in Denmark 1945, graduted as an architect from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture, Copenhagen 1972. assocate professor at the Department of Urban Design at the School of Architecure since 1978 and at DIS Denmark´s International Study Program since 1983.
Interenational teaching positions include universities in New York 1988(Pratt Institute), Montrèal 1993(Universitè du Quèbec à Montrèal), Rouen 1995 ( Institut  Europeen dÀmenagement et dÀrchitecture), Hannover 1995 ( Institut für Städtebau, Wohhungswesen und Landsplanung) and Bogotà, Colombia 1999(Universidad Catòlica de Colombia).
Lecture have been given at confernces and universities in USA
(Berkeley, Cornell, CalPoly SLO, Washington State University, Pullman. University of Washington, Seattle, University of Oregon, Eugene)Canada( Universitè du Quèbec à Montrèal), Colombia
(Universidad Catòlica de Colmbia), Japan (Chiba University at Tokyo), England( Brookes Univrsity in Oxfort and several Urban Design confernces in London), Scotland (Hariot Watt Univewrsity and Europeean Car-free Confernce in Glasgow), France(Institut Europeen dÄmenagement et d’Architecture), Germany (Hannover University and city of Kiel), Spain ( International conference in Bilbao), Yugoslavia(International confernce), Lithuania and throughout Scandinavia.
Books and articules have been published on research of space design of wich the most important books are “Public Space-Public Life, Copenhagen 1996”, Jan Gehl & Lars Gemzoe, on the development car- free space and public life in the city centre of Copenhagen based on surveys from 1968, 1986 and 1995 and “Bedre Byrum”( English summary: “Improving Urban Spaces”), Jan Gehl, Lars Gemzoe, Bo Gronlund and Steen Holmgren, on guidelines for imprving public space design based on a survey of the main streets and squares of 75 Danish towns published in 1991. the authors were given international EDRA / Places reserch award in 1998for “Public Space- Public Life, Copnhagen 1996” In November this year a new book will be published: “New City Spaces”





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